I understand what I am and what I am not. However, I always wonder why I am?

gurudev (2)

The question “why?” can be answered only when there is a reason for something to be. Why is there an ornament? The answer is that the gold is and, therefore, the ornament is. Why is there a pot? Again, the clay is and, therefore, the pot is. Why is there an effect at all? The effect exists because the cause is. If we stretch the chain of cause and effect, it will ultimately lead us to the fundamental cause, which is itself not an effect. Usually, every cause is an effect of something else. Gold is a cause from the standpoint of an ornament, but an effect from the standpoint of earth. The fundamental cause is,
however, the cause of everything, but not an effect of anything. The final cause is an “uncaused” cause.

Therefore, ultimately, there is no answer to the question “why?”

Why am I here? You cannot but be here. To be is your nature. There is no answer to the question “why?” when it comes to the inherent nature of things. Why is fire hot? It is so because to be hot is its nature. Why is the sun bright? It is so because to be bright is the nature of sun. Similarly, why am I? I am because to be is my nature. If an effort were needed to be, one could raise the question “why?” For instance, you could ask, “Why should I be good?” This can be questioned because you need to make an effort to be good.

Swami Viditatmananda

Excerpts from Satsang with Swami Viditatmananda, Vol: 2




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