Give that infinite wisdom the benefit of the doubt; surrender the individual petty wisdom to the infinite wisdom. Let it be a surrender that comes from trust.

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Accepting the Lord means accepting the infinite wisdom that He represents. When we say that the whole universe is a manifestation of the Lord, it means that the whole universe is a manifestation of the knowledge, of the omniscience, of his infinite wisdom. Letting go of our limited perceptions or limited conclusions and accepting that wisdom is accepting the Lord. This is प्रसाद बुद्धि prasada buddhi: performing an action and accepting the reward as it comes; recognizing that the outcome of our actions is determined by ईश्वर Isvara; accepting the infinite wisdom, and letting go of any resistance to it. When the results are not favorable to us, we are apt to resist or reject them. Therefore, recognizing that the outcome of every action is in accordance with that order and accepting that it must be fair is प्रसाद बुद्धि ‘prasadwbuddhi’. A large part of the worship of the Lord lies in adhering to the universal order when performing the action and in accepting the outcome of the action gracefully.

The different situations that we face are not without reason; every moment that we encounter is the outcome of an action. We do not control the outcome of an action; it is the result of  प्रारब्ध prarabdha or destiny. What is destiny? It is the result of whatever we have done in the past, and it presents itself before us in the form of the various situations that we encounter in the present.

What should be our attitude towards things that we cannot control? The result of our actions, whether in the present or in the past, is one of the things that we do not control. For instance, why should a given thing happen to us? There must be some reason for that. We do not know what the reason might be. Yet we grant that there must be some reason, some fairness involved, or that there must be some benefit in it for us. Again, this is called मत्पर: mat-parah, having trust that the Lord is always our well-wisher. The Lord declares, सुहृदं सर्वभूतानां  suhṛidaṁ sarva-bhūtānāṁ [Bhagavad Gita, 5-29], “I am the well wisher of all living beings.” Therefore, we need to accept the Lord as our well wisher. This will require us to let go of our resistance and give up many of our complaints and the blaming which is, again, a habit. It is the ego that is responsible for the complaining, blaming, and resisting because we always want to control everything. We want the whole world to be favorable to us. If anybody or an g is not favorable to us, we react with intolerance, impatience, anger, or frustration. our anger and frustration only show our discomfort with the realities of life Therefore, accepting ईश्वर lsvara  in our lives means accepting the realities of life gracefully. It means accepting that which is determined by the omniscient Lord, who is all knowledge, power; and fairness. Thus, letting go of our resistance, letting go of our complaints, letting go of our tendency to blame, letting go of intolerance, and letting go of frustration is a great process of growth.

Pujya Swami Dayanandaji says, “I make it impossible for the world to upset me or do anything to me. You can’t tighten a screw if there is no spiral thread on the screw. Blaming, complaining, intolerance, impatience, and non-acceptance are the ’threads’ on our ’screws’. The world, the order or Event, has an uncanny knack of tightening our screws or pushing our buttons. ईश्वर lsvara pushes these buttons so that we may learn something from our experiences. Every. experience of frustration or disappointment can teach us something. It shows how there is a tendency on our part to resist, to not accept or to reject the reality. It challenges us to develop comfort with the realities of life. Karma-yoga is not an ordinary thing; it brings about a complete transformation. According to Pujya Swamiji, Isvara is the greatest therapist; we should accept him as a therapist and allow him to work. In what way is he a great therapist? He ‘ pushes our buttons, often very gently. If we accept him, or accept the very order, have trust in him, and give him the benefit of the doubt, we can give “up our resistance, intolerance, and impatience. The ego is nothing but the product of ignorance and all these tendencies are nothing but the manifestations of that ignorance.

अनन्येनैव योगेन Ananyenaiva Yogena. Yoga means joining Ananya is when there is no anya, other Ananya-yoga is joining with the Lord and with nothing else. मम ध्यायन्त उपासते  Mam dhya‘yanta upasate, those who worship me. Life becomes a form of worship if we live it with a worshipful attitude By following a value, We are not obliging anybody. In fact, we are obliging ourselves; and we look upon that as an opportunity to use our-free will. We are human beings gifted with free will. We are also gifted with the faculty of deliberation. This distinguishes us from other living beings; they perform impulsive actions, Whereas, we have the faculty of choice so that we can perform deliberate actions. That is grace.

Meditating upon the Lord can also mean meditating Upon this grace. We are enjoying his grace all the time, As Pujya Swamiji says, we are enjoying his grace every moment. Our hearts are throbbing ’lub’ and ’dub’ all the time. Between the ’lub’ and the ’dub’, there is a small rest or gap. This throbbing need not happen. It can stop anytime, but it goes on by his grace. Every doctor knows that there are millions of things that can go wrong with the body; yet the fact that it is functioning more or less well is due to the grace we enjoy.

What we have is by his grace, and what we do not have is also by his grace. “Swamiji, how can you say that? How can it be by his grace that I’ did not get what I wished for? ” Well, who knows whether you would have been better off if you had been granted all the things you wanted? We do not know. It is a matter of faith. If you say that you would have been better off having something, you could say just as well that you are better off without it. Therefore, give that infinite wisdom the benefit of the doubt; surrender the individual petty wisdom to the infinite wisdom. Surrender gracefully, not out of helplessness. Let it be a surrender that comes from trust. In this manner, life becomes a process of worship.

Swami Viditatmananda Saraswati

Excerpts from Satsanga with Swami Viditatmandanda, Vol:2

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