Freedom from Desire !

gurudev (2)

Desire is a product of ignorance. Some desires are helpful, some are hurtful, and some are neither helpful nor hurtful. There could be some desires that may be conducive to self-growth. For instance, the desire to come to the gurukulam is also a desire, but it is a desire that will help you grow. So we cannot say that to desire per se is wrong. We have only to see whether or not a desire will be helpful.

As we grow in emotional maturity, our needs gradually reduce and We discover more satisfaction within ourselves. Our desires become fewer. Gaining freedom from desires is a process of ’growing out’ of desires, so that there is no more need for any desires.

The ultimate goal is to become free from need, which creates desire. The Vedantic perspective is that one already is what he seeks to be. Ideally, therefore, one should have no needs at all. But this is not the reality of our experience! Therefore, the wise approach is to accept the need, analyze whether fulfilling that need is going to help or hurt us, and then decide accordingly.

Swami Viditatmananda Saraswati

Excerpts from Satsanga with Swami Viditatmanada, Vol: 1

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