Theory of Evolution – from Amoeba to man to the Absolute ब्रह्मन्!


What is the theory of evolution? There are two factors: First, a tremendous potential power is trying to express itself, and secondly, circumstances are holding it down, its environment not allowing it to express itself. So in order to fight with this environment, the power takes new bodies again and again. An amoeba, in the struggle, gets another body and conquers some obstacles, then gets another body, and so on until it becomes man. Now, if you carry this idea to its logical conclusion, there must come a time when the power that was in the amoeba, and that evolved as man, will have conquered all the obstructions that nature can bring before it and will thus escape from all its environments. This idea expressed in metaphysics will take this form: There are two components in every action—the one is the subject, the other the object – and the aim of life is to make the subject master of the object. For instance, I feel unhappy because a man scolds me. My struggle will be to make myself strong enough to conquer the environment, so that he may scold but I shall not feel. That is how we are all trying to conquer nature. What is meant by morality? Making the subject strong by attuning it to the Absolute – ब्रह्मन्, so that finite nature ceases to have control over us. It is a logical conclusion of our philosophy, that there must come a time when we shall have conquered all our environments because nature is finite.

Swami Vivekananda

Jana Yoga, The Absolute and Manifestation


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