God ईश्वर Ishvara – Brahman ब्रह्मन् has to be there otherwise I would not have been searching for Him!

gurudev (2)

We are all seeking the limitless happiness – happiness that is not limited by time, place or a condition.

I cannot be seeking something that is unreal or non-existent. We should understand this fundamental thing, I cannot search a thing which is not there. Nobody ever seeks a non-existent thing. Everybody seeks and strives for existent thing.

But why not say that may be we have been searching something non-existent? This is not possible because we can never conceive of a non-existent thing. Every natural desire that I have, must have a solution. Observe life. Hunger is natural phenomenon. So food is provided to quench it. And breathing also is a natural requirement for which air has been provided. There is always a means available to satisfy every natural desire. This is the nature of creation. A cultivated desire for certain type of food or drink may not have an answer, but a natural desire, with which I am born, must have an answer.

Is the desire of seeking limitless happiness brought about by my own volition? Is it a desire specially cultivated by me or is it a desire with which I am born? Everybody is born with this desire. It is a natural desire. It is not that at some point in time I decided to desire the limitless. I am born with this desire. And since the desire to seek the limitless happiness  is natural, there must be an answer for it.

Attainment of limitless happiness – Brahman ब्रह्मन् – is a natural desire and there must be a way to satisfy it. God – ईश्वर Ishvara –  is another name for Brahman and therefore what I am searching in life is – Ishvara ईश्वर – God. He has to be there otherwise I would not have been searching for Him.

Therefore when the question is asked. “Is God there or not?” the answer is, “If I am there, God has to be there”. I am there which means my search for God is there, and since my search is there, the object of my search, viz. a Brahman or God or Father in the Heaven must be there.

Swami Viditatmanand

Excerpts from Vedanta in Present-Day Life


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