The pursuit of limitlessness – our true self – is natural!

gurudev (2)

We are born wanting. What we wanted kept changing as we grew in age, but that “we wanted” never changed. No amount of fulfillment of the wants could erase the wanted and the “wanting I” always remained. Is there a possibility that there can be some achievements that can eliminate the “wanting I”? No, there are not. By their very nature, all achievements are limited in scope and time. What we derive from them is, therefore, also limited and inadequate. Out of the recognition that what we are seeking is not any of this, but the limitless, arises dispassion – वैराग्य – towards everything that is limited.

What is it that we seek that is not a conscious choice? While we do not set out to become limitless or become, totally free, we find ourselves having that desire.

When the mind becomes contemplative, we are able to see that what we are seeking is lasting happiness and that neither a specific action and its result nor a particular place can give us that happiness. It is something that exists within our own selves and we have to discover that for ourselves. With this recognition, the desire for happiness is replaced by desire for knowledge. The greatest emotional maturity is achieved when desires get converted into the desire for knowledge, जिज्ञासा. It is the result of right discernment, विवेक.

We understand that we can never gain the limitless by performing karma or limited effort. The limitless is not something to be gained, attained or achieved. The limitless cannot be other than myself because in that case, it will always be limited without me. The limitless cannot be distinct from me, therefore, has to include me. What we are seeking is our true self!

Swami Viditatmanandji

Excerpts from Satasanga with Swami Vivekananda, Volume 2


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