ईश्वर – God cannot be known!


Knowledge is objectification. God – ईश्वर –  cannot be object of your knowledge, for an object has to be different from you, the subject. God is not different from you.

If everything were different from God, what would be left of God  would be precious little. If you imagine that you can look upon the God as an object, you are making yourself superior to Him. If God were an object of your thought, separate from you, you could dismiss the object,  the God, and continue to exist, thinking of something else. God would fall in the category of something that comes and goes depending upon your thought; the God is then not different from any other limited being. This situation arises out of wrong understanding what God – ईश्वर – is.

Swami Dayanandji

Excerpts from The Teaching of the Bhagwad Gita, The Self is Brahman


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