What are these gods, the devi-devtas?


What are these gods, the various devis and devtas? They mean certain states, certain offices. For instance, Indra the king of gods, means a certain office, some soul which was very high has gone to fill that post in this cycle, and after this cycle he will be born again as man and come down to this earth, and the man who is very good in this cycle will go and fill that post in next cycle. So with all these gods, they are certain offices which have been filled alternatively by millions and millions of souls, who, after filling those offices, came down and became men. Those who do good works in this world and help others, but with an eye to reward, hoping to reach heaven or to get the praise of their fellow-men, must when they die, reap the benefit of those good works – they become these gods. But that is not salvation; salvation will never come through hope of reward.

Swami Vivekanand

From: Janan-Yoga, Chapter: The Atman


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