Existence, Knowledge and Happiness – Three Fold Basis of All Human Pursuits

gurudev (2)

Myriad pursuits of life can be reduced to three.

One is the pursuit of pushing death away as far as possible. I cannot accept the death of myself because I think that death will bring an end to my existence. My resistance to death is simply my dislike for my non-existence.

Another pursuit is pursuit of knowledge. I do not like ignorance. I cannot stand being stupid. I love being wise and therefore I love knowledge. I spend enormous amount of time in getting knowledge and being informed.

Third universal human pursuit is pursuit of happiness. Not only I want to live forever, I want to be happy every moment of my life.

These three pursuits of life are: सत् चित आनंद! (Existence, consciousness, happiness- bliss). And that is what we are!

Swami Viditatmanandji – Kaivalyopanisad

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